About us

Coaching at Benson Tennis Club is delivered in partnership with National Tennis Association providing a wide range of coaching opportunities for all levels of play. 

The school offers a professional weekly mini tennis, junior and adult programme of coaching, along with offering holiday camps, competitions and fun tennis events for the whole family.

Benson Tennis Club is a friendly club with over 200 members that welcomes players of all ages and abilities. The emphasis at Benson is firmly on enjoying tennis and affording opportunities for all to join in. We have great facilities including four fully floodlit, all-weather courts, a practice wall and a well-maintained pavilion, all based in the heart of Benson village in Oxfordshire.

Club Membership

To access club facilities and the clubs weekly coaching programme you must first become a member of the club.  When signing up for a weekly coaching session your coach will give you a club membership form to complete.

A club membership gives you:

  • Full access to the clubs facilities
  • Access to the clubs professional tennis coaching programme
  • Free access to club sessions
  • Access to all club activities

Visit the clubs main website: www.bensontennisclub.co.uk


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